A Call for fiber artists, jewelers, seamstresses, and quilters:

A Call for fiber artists, jewelers, seamstresses, and quilters:

Hello, fellow fiber artists, jewelers, seamstresses, and quilters: 

Wendy Carpenter here at Interfibers Studio Gallery in Fish Creek, Wisconsin. I am just wrapping up my 37th season in Door County and find myself at a crossroad. I am not ready to sell my property, but also, don't want to continue in the same operating manner!

I am looking to share the studio and gallery space with another artist because I enjoy working in an artist energy charged space. I am also wanting to free up some of my time committed to the gallery and share operating expenses.

I have a beautiful cathedral design gallery (700 square feet), off the ground entry deck, and an outside workshop.  I don't have an exact monthly cost because it depends on the amount of space needed and established advertising. However, a monthly rent would be established ahead of time with a six-month contract starting May 1st through October 31st. Studio equipment and inventory can remain in the gallery for the winter for a reduced storage rental fee.

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  • michael marek

    This is a terrific opportunity to work with an estabished multimedia artist. Wendy has successfully created and marketed her artistic vision for over 30 years Her studio/gallery is a Door County destination and would be itself an inspiration and showcase for any artist,

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