Awesome Grant submission for "Creating Revenue through the Arts" project by Wendy Carpenter

creating revenue through the arts in Guatemala, Interfibers collaborates with the indigenous weavers of Guatemala, mission work in Guatemala, sewing jackets with Jaspe' fabric, supporting the indigenous weavers of Guatemala -

Awesome Grant submission for "Creating Revenue through the Arts" project by Wendy Carpenter

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Wendy Carpenter-Interfibers Studio Gallery
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“Creating Revenue Through the Arts”

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Tell us about your awesome project!
In 2009 Wendy Carpenter created "Creating revenue through the Arts” project to help the Mayan weavers of Guatemala. Her fair trade wage and volunteer teaching time provide a specialized skill and higher standard of living for the women and the indigenous community as a whole!  

Every winter Wendy works with artisans in Antigua, Guatemala designing and sewing apparel. To support the Mayan weavers directly Wendy travels to remote communities and purchases their hand weaved Jaspe’ fabric, it is the most efficient way to support the indigenous weavers directly.

Wendy transports all the clothing in her suitcases and sells the inventory in her gallery; however, each weaver receives payment immediately regardless of how long it takes to sell the inventory. She now has a small store with sewing machines and also does lapidary work with men for making beaded necklace. Each Jadeite bead is hand cut and polished. She works with 12 families from age 14, who are just learning the trade, to the elderly whom general focus on one lapidary process. 

In the beginning, Wendy’s project was quite simple, sewing items such as scarves and purses.  The project evolved into sewing pillows, yoga bags, tops, dresses, skirts, and now coats and jackets. The 2017 jacket design is an open cardigan style jacket fashioned short in the back with a long tailored front fold.

How will you use the money?
Wendy's work is very arduous and financial support would provide cleaner and safer housing, along with helping her with traveling and selling expenses. She has had health problems in Guatemala and needs to improve her living arrangements and lighten some of the physical work. The project has been very successful, but hard to do without financial help. 
Tell us a little about yourself?
Wendy Carpenter grew up on a farm near Green Bay.  She received a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Wisconsin and continued her studies at the Denise Miller Weaving Studio in Taos, NM, with a focus on the American modernist art style, and completed her study with the renowned paper artist Karen Winzenz. She has been owner/artist of Interfibers Studio Gallery since 1981. 


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