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The Contemporary fine art of fiber wall sculptures and hangings by Wendy Carpenter reveal her personal expressionism style derived from borderline “abstract-literal” interpretations. Her work captures the emotion and power of objects through abstracting the natural world.                                                Wendy Carpenter  “A Poppy”  A Poppy peddle is the richest orange color of all shades of orange; however, it quickly fades and falls apart after it’s cut from the earth. I saw the expressionism Poppy tapestry design as I played with...

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Abstracting the natural world often appears in my fiber sculptures and hangings. I believe my connection to nature started in my childhood, nature was as a refuge...a way to escape the chaos and emotional confusion living with my family dynamics. I often sought out solitude in the woods, along side a lake bank, or up a tree! I distinctly remember setting up a home on a rocky bluff edge! In my child make-believe mind, each level, nook, and cranny represented a room in my peaceful home. I found much solace, acceptance, connection to the forms, smells, colors, and textures. Nature provides much solace and acceptance...

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custom fiber wall hanging, fine art of fiber, Interfibers Studio Gallery, Wendy Carpenter -

My specialty is commission fiber art for the wall. Work that is designed, artist and art collector alike, for large wall spaces. Walls for large scale artwork to be viewed from a distance, interiors that require visual or acoustic softening, a space that detailed artwork would not work. It is natural to be a bit uncomfortable with purchasing art unseen, but commission work is a process for artist and client alike! It all starts with the art work character, color, size, and concept! After gathering all this information I provide a drawing, color swatches, and dimensions.  The client then...

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