Yoga Mat Tote Bag | Hand Sewn with Re-purposing Jute Coffee Bean Storage Fabric!

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      In the last ten years, I have been working with the Mayan weavers of Guatemala designing and sewing contemporary apparel and Jewelry. I have scaled down and am now making only Jackets, the featured skirts are priced low for clearance. It's a fair-trade project to support the indigenous weavers and provide a specialized skill to help the Mayan community!
  • My yoga mat tote bags are hand-sewn with re-purposed jute coffee bean storage bags from a plantation in Guatemala. Each tote bag has the word CAFE printed on the center of the bag and is lined with nylon and sewn with a luggage weight zipper. These hand-sewn tote yoga bags are part of an effort to help the indigenous women and children of Guatemala, who take on the arduous task of harvesting the beans at a very low wage. The generously sized bag measures 26" x 8" x 5".