Chenille on the Farm-Preserving Americana

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The fine art of fiber wall sculptures and hangings by Wendy Carpenter reveals her personal expressionism style through borderline "abstract-literal" interpretations. Fiber art that captures the emotion and power of objects through abstracting the natural world.anf cultural lifestyles.

I am re-purposing old farm tools and household items, give new life and purpose, through a fiber art sculpture.  In honor, and thus preserving, our ancestors’ lifestyle on the farm in the mid-1900’s. The sculpture is constructed with 50 feet of hand weaved inlay fabric measuring 6” wide. The weft material is a chenille bedspread that is cut into strips and dyed in various shades of rusty browns.

The tractor blade hanging mount extends18" out from the wall in a soft circular motion. The panels are constructed around the mount and through a lower steel rim. Carpenter re-purposes these old farm objects to create new life and preserve fond memories of a lifestyle once so very prevalent in the Mid-West region of the USA.