Mayan Portrait Sculptures | SOLD, commissioned work available!

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The fine art of fiber wall-sculptures & tapestries by Wendy Carpenter are handwoven in an impressionist art style through personal borderline abstract-literal interpretations. Carpenter's fiber art wall hangings capture the emotion and power of nature by abstracting the natural world.

I work with the Mayan Women of Guatemala through a mission project entitled “Creating Revenue through the Arts"  teaching them how to design and sew with their hand weaved Jaspe's fabric. My fair trade project provides a specialized skill and a higher standard of living for the women, their families, and the indigenous community as a whole.  

My “Mayan Portrait” sculptures are handwoven with strips of fabric handwoven by Mayan weavers of Guatemala. The stuffed tube is handwoven and stitched together off-loom creating a feminine form. I used traditional Mayan colors and embellished to give an appearance of long hair and a small female statue. The sculptures represent my respect for the indigenous lifestyle for women and their ability to preserve their historical traditions.

Custom orders welcomed in various colors for a 1' x 4' wall sculpture!

Contact Artist here to discuss the possibilities for commissioning artwork like my featured Mayan Women wall sculpture. You may also call or text me at (920) 857-7379.

Thank you, Wendy Carpenter.