'4-Elements of Science-Water, Air, Fire, Earth fiber wall hanging'

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Archived fiber wall sculpture and mixed media wall hangings for commission work.

The fine art of fiber wall sculptures and hangings by Wendy Carpenter reveals her personal expressionism style through borderline "abstract-literal" interpretations. Fiber art that captures the emotion and power of objects by abstracting the natural world.

My "4-Elements of science” wall sculpture is part of a Collection entitled "Contrast Art" It was purchased in 2017 by the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and can be viewed at the Green Bay campus. This art piece features the late Isabel Beaudoin’s cast paperwork and my mixed media weaving…a unique collaboration of creative efforts! 

The fiber art wall hanging measures 12’long x 4’wide x 4” deep. It is handwoven on a cotton inlay threading and each paper section represents an element of Science...Water, Air, Fire, Earth!