Jadeite & leather Necklace

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My jadeite necklace designs are made with hand-cut and polished jadeite stone beads through a mission project in Guatemala. Jadeite comes in many colors and cuts in various shapes. This green jadeite necklace is 20 inches long with 5 beads and a soft gray Italian leather cord.

Jadeite of Guatemala:

Guatemala is the home of Mayan jadeite and is found in the remote Motagua Valley quarries. To the Pre-Columbian people of Mesoamerica, jade represented breath, life, fertility, and power.

Jade is the term given to two similar gem materials, called jadeite and nephrite. Jadeite is harder, denser, and scarcer than nephrite; it is found in a wider range of colors, from white through various greens to lilac, blue, black, and takes a high polish.  Jadeite is a silicate of sodium and aluminum.

When the Spanish conquered the region in the 16th century, the source of jadeite was lost. The jadeite quarries were abandoned and quickly covered by the encroaching jungle. It was not until 1950 that evidence of Mayan workings was found in the jungle of the Sierra De Las Minas in eastern Guatemala.