Hand Crafted Apparel and Jewelry

I work with the Mayan weavers of Guatemala, teaching them how to design and sew contemporary apparel with their handwoven Jaspe fabric,

The Jadeite stone beads are hand-cut and polished by the Mayan Artisans of Guatemala. For 15 years, I spent my winters working in Guatemala with the Mayan artisans through a fair trade/skill-building project.  My classic jewelry designs are based on the character of the jadeite stone and accented with sterling silver.  Jadeite is a colorful precious gemstone in shades of green, black, lilac, and blue! 

My work in Guatemala helps the indigenous communities sustain their traditional heritage, create revenue, and acquire new skills!

My classic Door County geode necklaces are hand-made with custom cut and polished Door County Geodes, accented with a sterling silver chain. Each necklace design expresses the character of the geode crystal.