A Review for Wendy Carpenter at Interfibers Studio Gallery

A Review for Wendy Carpenter at Interfibers Studio Gallery

As you plan your gallery viewing in Door County, include the Interfibers Design Gallery in Fish Creek. This destination definitely is a must see destination. The gallery exhibits include large, commanding sculptural forms that incorporate fibers from traditional sources as well as non-traditional sources. The gallery also exhibits a variety of smaller fiber works and traditional on the loom weaving. One wall of the gallery displays wearing apparel woven, sewn, and often embroidered by Quiché Mayan artisans in Antigua, Guatemala. As a whole, the studio and gallery space are alive with color, creativity, and masterful craftsmanship.

Wendy Carpenter, artist and gallery owner, also may be described as an international teacher, philosopher, and cultural ambassador. As a member of classes taught by Wendy, I am grateful for the directions with fibers and fiber sources she introduced. Discussions in class extended beyond the typical critique of works in concept, progress, or completion. The Interfibers Design Gallery presents the broad spectrum of fiber, method, and aesthetic Wendy explores and invites others to explore.

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