Every time an artist works outside the comfort zone… it is a leap of faith!  However, over time, with experience, intuition takes over and creative ideas spark in the mind and flow through the hands.  

I start with making my art materials. The process of making my materials (weaving fabric, making paper pulp, stone cutting or collecting found objects) inspires me to create a form based on the character of the materials. I don’t think about whether this finished art piece is practical or will match current colors. I think about what the art collector might feel when viewing their art!

My artistic talent, that has unfolded over the past 40 years, is creating custom commemorative work and expressions of nature and culture. An expression to honor people, nature, and our differences. I execute this symbolic abstract-literal interpretational art through hand weaved fiber forms, color, and tactile materials. My work delineates the content through a fiber medium that transmits its meaning to the observer. It is a long path from the concept starting in the mind, passing through the fingers, that in turn manipulates the fibers into a final sculptural form.

My jewelry and clothing line is part of a unique collaborative mission project in Guatemala. The Mayan artisans and I hand cut and polish Jadeite and geode quartz stones, along with sewing garments with the Mayan hand weaved Jaspe' fabric. It represents a project I started 8 years ago, entitled, "Creating Revenue through the Arts"...a fair wage project that provides a skill and higher standard of living for the indigenous communities of Guatemala. 

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