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Artist in Door County, Wendy Carpenter Hatch, finds in her fine handwoven art of fiber wall sculptures & tapestries the oportunity to create in an impressionist style through personal borderline abstract-literal interpretations. Fiber wall hangings,  sculptures, and paper collage work capture the emotion and power of nature by abstracting the natural world! And evoking the boho chic - organic life we are all inlove with.

Wendy Carpenter, the artist

I am a gallerist/fiber artist creating tapestry and wall sculptures. My work expresses an impressionist art style through borderline abstract-literal interpretations. In a fiber art medium, I strive to capture the emotion found in the natural world.

When I’m not working on commissioned artwork, I work in series; each artwork piece is different visually but expresses the same conceptual message. My focus is on form, tapestry composition, texture/color, and incorporating re-purposed materials.

I like working with fabric panels and constructing my fiber sculptures off-loom. When introducing found objects from nature or manufacture, it's
necessary to repeat the new design element through color, form, or texture to blend the soft and hard materials.  

Weaving is a very time-consuming art medium, and with that in mind, I always start with a sketch for a perspective on the size, proportion balance, and
overall design. As I weave, the artwork takes on its unique character; Although I refer back to the sketch design for measurements, I quickly start designing on-loom directly.  

Most of my work is of a grand scale, and I believe it's the "nature of the beast!" Tapestry rugs, quilts, and sculptures tend to be significant.
Working with sculptural form and abstract tapestry design seemed to put my work in a large format automatically.

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Commissioned art piece in Wisconsin by Wendy Carpenter Hatch

Custom Art Work in Door County WI

Commissioned artwork available, for memorial pieces, monuments, home decor, interior design and more. Evoking organic experiences!

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Boho Wall trapestry Minnesota

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Custom Made Wall Art Door County Interior design

Boho Interior Design has come to stay in our hearts.

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Organic lifestyle is so attractive in this world that seems ought to be busy and productive all day. Fill your spaces with elegant and relaxing pieces while you also take advantage of the noise cancelling properties of fibers.

Barrel Rims by Wendy Carpenter Hatch

Watch the process of how I made this outstanding commissioned art piece. Dimensions: 6'W x 4'L x 6"D.
Some of the materials are reused, some belonged to the owners of the piece, and some I created myself. ORDER YOURS TODAY!

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Noise Cancelling Art

Use fiber sculptures to help with noise

One of the benefits of Fiber Art is that it can be designed to dampen noise in offices and
open spaces by absorbing sound bettering acoustics everywhere.

The best materials for sound absorption are fibers! Natural materials are becoming a
valid alternative to traditional synthetic ones for sound absorption treatments. In particular, in recent years, natural fibers have been considered
valid raw materials for producing sound absorbing panels at a reduced cost.

How do fibrous materials absorb sound?

Acoustics, as science, deals with sound creation and transmission through materials. Sound
and light waves share same vibrational system as these waves creating pressure during propagation due to the nature of fluctuation in the material.

As per Science Direct website, “the acoustic absorption mechanism of fibrous materials
could be mainly attributed to the air viscous effect, which convert acoustic energy into thermal energy. Furthermore, the relationship between various
measured parameters and bulk density has been established.”

Fibers often have good thermal insulation properties, have no harmful effects on health, and
are available in large quantities often as a waste product of other production cycles. Following some studies about the acoustic properties of some natural
materials, it’s relevant to mention the following natural fibers: kenaf, wood, hemp, coconut, cork, cane, cardboard, and sheep wool, as amazing tools for
sound absorption.

In our commissioned art work, we would advise on the perforated plate and the density
of the porous material that would significantly affect the acoustic impedance and sound absorption coefficient of the piece.

It’s always amazing how practical can art become.

For acoustic proposes, the piece needs to extend out of the wall at least 4 inches. It can be up to 18 inches, and our preferred fibers for this type of commissionate artwork would always be yarn, natural yarns and cotton fabric which dampens acoustics as a cotton ball would absorb water .

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Wendy Carpenter

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