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I established my gallery in Door County in 1981. Interfibers Studio Gallery is located in Fish Creek off County Road F. My fine art of fiber wall-sculptures & tapestries are handwoven in an impressionist art style through personal borderline abstract-literal interpretations. Fiber wall hangings that capture the emotion and power of objects by abstracting the natural world...thus, creating sensation!

My work starts with making my materials, foraging natural found-objects, and re-purposing materials. Making my own material, like a painter mixing pigments, inspires me to create a sculpture form or composition based on the character of the materials.

Over the past 40 years my art work continues to flow in a ever more creative form of expression. My work delineates the content through a fiber medium that transmits its meaning to the observer. It is a long path from the concept starting in the mind, passing through the fingers, that in turn manipulates the fibers into a final sculptural form.

Commissioned work starts with the art collector's attraction to my fiber art wall hangs, color and size, and art concept. After discussing design possibilities I provide a drawing, color swatches, dimensions, approximated price estimate, and delivery date.The client then has the opportunity to make changes and discuss additional options. It is a leap of faith for both artist and collector!

My jewelry and clothing line is part of a unique collaborative mission project in Guatemala. We hand cut and polish Jadeite for custom made beads and sew apparel with the beautiful handwoven Mayan fabric. It's a fair-trade project (Creating Revenue through the Arts) I started ten years ago. The collaborative art work provides a skill and higher standard of living for the indigenous communities of Guatemala.

Wendy Carpenter

Interfibers Studio Gallery-9204 Silk Road, Fish Creek, WI,54212

(920) 868-3580 | (920)857-7379 cell  

email: interfibers@gmail.com


Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington

University Wisconsin, Bachelor of Arts degree

Rio Grande tapestry internship, Taos, New Mexico

Wool production internship, Boulder, Utah

Faculty position at Instituto de Allende, San Miguel, MX

Liturgical tapestry weaving grant, Wisconsin Arts Board

Professional artist/gallery owner since 1981


Museum of Wisconsin Art-West Bend, WI

Lakewood Center of the Arts-Lake Oswego, OR

La Antigua Galeria-Antigua, Gt

Fine Art of Fiber-Evanston, IL

Hardy Gallery-Ephraim, WI

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Why to Choose Interfibers for Interior Design Solutions

With over 46 years of experience, and the whimsical ability to understand a concept and imprint it into reality through an impressionist view, our artist, Wendy Carpenter, is the last piece of the puzzle you need to suit your project perfectly and evoke organic experiences with your customers or yourself.

Thinking about a boho tapestry wall hanging to build the atmosphere you want to create in any area you're constructing or transforming?

You can schedule your custom woven tapestry today (we're booking 2024) but if you're looking for an instant solution for your design project, check out Interfibers' ready-to-ship fiber art, which can fit many Boho-inspired rooms and spaces.

Look at our available products, and contact us for delivery details!

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Our Clients

Boho Decor - Solutions for Interior Designers

Art is about putting your emotions down to play and creating something innovative and full of life. What is also amazing is to provide solutions as well for other professionals in the creative field. 

I was honored some weeks ago with the contact from one of the most relevant architectural design studios in New York City, Rafael de Cardenas; they’ve worked with high-end brands such as Cartier and Kenzo, and also with plenty of exclusive clients.

This time, the studio chose my piece Windowpane Rain to feature one of their designs, and I was happy to make modifications to the piece as they requested. It was shipped some days after the purchase, and they were pleased with it.

I feel so satisfied with being able to work with clients in this category, interior and architectural design studios, that value art and introduce it in their designs, specifically with boho-decor-oriented clients. 

It was amazing to discover how my art can help other professionals solve their needs for bohemian-looking art pieces that enhance their designs with the elegance and technique presented in my work.

If you’re interested in partnering with me or have any boho decor project in mind that would require some wall tapestries or any other creative solution, please feel free to contact me. Also, referrals are welcome.

  • Wendy Carptenter weaving hand weave

    Natural connections

    The process for each piece contains traces of history, her statement is to repurpose natural objects of the surroundings and to create memorable pieces that evoke an impressionist style of numerous ethereal sceneries of the daily life in the woods.

  • Reserve the piece and pay until approved!

    Call to reserve any of our available pieces to match your designs. You can also send an email to interfibers@gmail.com or use our chat bubble.

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"I want to thank Wendy for putting [my husband's story] all together in such a beautiful, fluid way. His professional life, his excecutive life, his casual yardcare gardening, woodworking, cycling, coaching life... it's all here and I can see it all."

Jen. - Memorial piece commision

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Solutions for Boho Interior Design

We can offer unique boho bedroom tapestries, that will even prevent noises helping with room acoustics.

Enhance any space you are building with an Interfiber's piece. From offices, to salons, dinning rooms, bedrooms, restaurants, the list is endless!

Boho speaks about organic experiences, and our artist, Wendy Carpenter, centers her vision on translating her impressions about nature, repurposing materials, and creating fibers from scratch that will intensify those experiences.

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