Commissioning art work-an interesting exchange!

Commissioning art work-an interesting exchange!

I really enjoy the artist-client exchange that takes place during the process of designing a custom artwork! The unknown, the letting can be a little nerve-racking for the customer! What I like about the process of custom designing is the group brainstorming, the unfolding of ideas, colors choices, and form possibilities!

Once I am in a customer's home it is pretty easy for me to see what is needed; however, beyond the size, style, and colors, is the creation of an emotion...what will the art collector feel when viewing their art!  Will the art evoke a connection to nature, a cultural awareness, or simply provide a quiet space for contemplative thoughts?

I have a serene connection to nature and often express the feeling I get when surrounded by nature through my abstract-literal personal expressionism interpretation of an emotional response to nature! 


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A terrific opportunity to work with Wendy on an installation which will forever be treasured by its owners!

michael j. marek

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