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Fair-Trade Project “Creating Revenue Through the Arts”

Regarding the sale that I’m promoting in my art gallery in Door County. I would like to give you some details about the project that you’re going to be supporting with every piece you’ll purchase. Didn’t know about the sale? Click here.

I’ve been working since 2009 on "Creating Revenue through the Arts”, a project that I started to help indigenous communities of Guatemala, a small county in Central America. This project focuses on providing specialized skills and a higher standard of living for the indigenous artisans in that country. 

I fell in love with the way that these communities have persevered to preserve their lifestyle and culture despite all the historical wreckages that they have suffered since the times of the conquest. And how loyal and grateful they are, with kind hearts that will always receive you with their arms wide open.

I’ve been working as a volunteer every year for 3 months, teaching Mayan descendants, ways to evolve their already stunning art crafts into contemporary pieces, that will help them to make their pieces more attractive to tourists and to create a better income with that. 

Also, another important part of the project is that I acquire all the pieces created during this process and sell them after in the Interfibers art gallery in Fisher Creek. As I mentioned before, currently we are running a magnific sale so we can keep on working with these communities on new products and techniques, visit our shop to check around by clicking here.

Being an expert hand-weaver in Wisconsin has inspired me to share my knowledge with the indigenous women in Antigua Guatemala, and also, my passion for gems and natural stones is shared with men with lapidary work. I travel to remote places to purchase hand-weaved Jaspe fabric directly from the Mayan weavers, for this is the best way to give the most support.

"Creating Revenue through the Arts" project started with quite simple scarves and purses. The project evolved into sewing pillows, yoga bags, tops, dresses, skirts, and now coats and jackets. The last design we worked on is an open cardigan-style jacket fashioned short in the back with a long tailored front fold. An attractive contemporary design blends their beautiful and ancestral hand-weaved designs with a modern style making them more voguish. 

If you want to support the work done with indigenous communities in Guatemala or know more about the next steps, we are taking don’t hesitate in contacting me. These fair-trade types of projects help a lot to empower these cultures and show them how valuable is their art for sensitive people that appreciate their cultural baggage.

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