How "A Poppy" tapestry was designed from a flower.

How "A Poppy" tapestry was designed from a flower.

The Contemporary fine art of fiber wall sculptures and hangings by Wendy Carpenter reveal her personal expressionism style derived from borderline “abstract-literal” interpretations. Her work captures the emotion and power of objects through abstracting the natural world.

                                               Wendy Carpenter  “A Poppy”

 A Poppy peddle is the richest orange color of all shades of orange; however, it quickly fades and falls apart after it’s cut from the earth. I saw the expressionism Poppy tapestry design as I played with a poppy peddle that had fallen on my glass table top.

 The poppy tapestry is threaded on a 2’ steel frame and hand weaved with vibrant orange tones. I used a basketry technique for the brown center along with weaving tufting and felting.


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