How to commission an artist

How to commission an artist

My specialty is commission fiber art for the wall. Work that is designed, artist and art collector alike, for large wall spaces. Walls for large scale artwork to be viewed from a distance, interiors that require visual or acoustic softening, a space that detailed artwork would not work.

It is natural to be a bit uncomfortable with purchasing art unseen, but commission work is a process for artist and client alike! It all starts with the art work character, color, size, and concept! After gathering all this information I provide a drawing, color swatches, and dimensions.  The client then has the opportunity to make changes and brainstorm with the artist for further options and possibilities. A price estimate and delivery date are then established.

It is a leap of faith for both artist and collector; however, after creating custom work for 40 years I have never had a disappointed client! A custom designed fiber art wall hanging or sculpture creates a warm of comforting feelings in the home.   




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