Silk Web: Interlacing to Create a Whole

Silk Web: Interlacing to Create a Whole

Nature is the best inspiration and teacher we can have. Today we are reviewing the piece called “Silk Web”. A piece worked on 2021 aquired by Mary, who saw my FB post last summer and came to the art gallery in Door County to purchase.

Custom Artwork in Door County, Art Galleries Door County WI
                                            Picture Courtesy of Mary, the owner.

The abstraction of this piece transports us to the quintessential weavers, spiders. 

It’s incredible how spiders create intertwined silk threads to create a whole. And how this whole becomes their home, hunting web, support, and more. Even when the storm passes by and the spiderwebs are destroyed, it won’t take long until there’s a new web ready to be a new habitat. 

And speaking about habitats, the sense of Silk Web goes beyond spiders by recognizing how all humanity and nature can compare to a huge spiderweb, where everybody is interlaced somehow, just like a family tree! 

Lately, DNA tests are becoming more and more popular. A genealogical DNA test is a “DNA-based test used in genetic genealogy that looks at specific locations of a person's genome in order to find or verify ancestral genealogical relationships, or to estimate the ethnic mixture of an individual.”

This may be actual proof of how important it’s for our society to know where we come from and how our ancestors are the key to responding to lots of existential questions that we can have, they say that when we know where we hail from it’s easier to trace where to go.

Sadly, this lack of purpose is also a demonstration of how people are denying their origins. We forget that in the end, all human beings are of the same race called Humankind, and come from common ancestors, even if History has been manipulated to make us believe that some of us can be superior.

The interest that is shown in knowing our ethnicity, etc. is also a reflection of how enlightenment and the rise of consciousness are growing among us. And that is a glimpse of hope in how the world is changing.

Understanding that we are all part of the same web and seeing each other as relatives is the only way that we can help our planet to overcome all the problems that are alarming us every day in the news and social media. 

Not everybody is indeed prepared to change their realities, but as soon as we start interlacing more, the knowledge will be transmitted easily to our kith and kind, and we will be able to move in the same direction. 

Climate change, wars, and political differences are actually miscommunication problems caused because of the way we were raised, forgetting the most basic value that should rule everything: LOVE.

Boho Chic Artwork in Door County, Custom artwork in Wisconsin.

There’s not much to think about if we reduce everything that separates us to watch it under the lens of love, all judgments are downsized to tolerance and respect. Also, doing to others only what you’d like to be done to you, remembering that kindness is one of the universal languages. 

It’s amazing how art can make you travel through these deep thoughts and grow our points of view.   

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