Mayan Women fiber art Sculpture set of five

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 Wendy Carpenter’s hand weaved fiber sculptures (set of 5) reveal a personal expressionism style derived from borderline “abstract-literal” interpretations, executed through form, color, and tactile  materials.

Wendy Carpenter works with the Mayan Women of Guatemala through a mission project entitled “Creating Revenue through the Arts.” She teaches the women how to design and sew with their hand weaved Jaspe' fabric. Carpenter’s fair trade wage provides a specialized skill and higher standard of living for the women, their families and the indigenous community as a whole.  

 “Mayan Women” fiber art sculptures are portraits of the Mayan women. It is a cultural expression, executed through a fiber medium, of the blending cultures through the arts and helping women become self-sustainable. 

I cut the hand weaved by the Mayan women fabric into strips and re-purposed the fabric to weave the 5 sculpture portraits. The traditional Mayan woven fabric, vibrant colors of Guatemala and the feminine sculptural forms depict the Mayan Woman and the cultural that they have managed to preserve.